Your partner look is to change long

Once you have bought a mother child outfit with us, you get 20% on every buying of the respective children's clothing.

Here is an example:

Ute has bought a partner outfit and her daughter Yara. Unfortunately, Yara has grown out of her outfit after 6 months. Ute's garment still looks like new.

Ute wants to have something from her partner look for a long time, so she buys Yara the children's clothing piece in their current size. This is available on this a discount of 20% and can thus save up to 30 €.

The buyback can be done as often as desired and always get the two 20% on the children's clothing.

 Why do we do that?

We believe in sustainability. Our clothes is of high quality and we aware that this can be worn by Mama for a long time.

We want to enable you with this action a lifespan of your partner looks as possible and at a top price.

 How do you come to this discount?

Your package is a map whereupon the coupon code is printed (should not that be the case, you will receive the code by mail). This can be entered simply with the new order and then removed automatically.

Furthermore, you should get an automatic mail in the future in which you find the discount code.